Talking Tortured Artists with William Todd Schultz

Psychobiographer William Todd Schultz sits down in Portland to discuss Elliott Smith and the tortured artist myth.

Discussed:  Torment Saint: The Life of Elliott Smith, Handbook of Psychobiography, and The Enchanted Abyss by William Todd Schultz; Albert Camus; Sigmund Freud; Wes Anderson; The Van Gogh Blues by Eric Maisel; exes; prototypical scenes; false memories; Steven Paul Smith


3 thoughts on “Talking Tortured Artists with William Todd Schultz

  1. How can Torment Saint be the definitive biography about Elliott Smith when M. Schultz didn’t even talk to Elliott’s close family? He talked to Ashley but she refused to be quoted and Gary Smith, Elliott’s father, didn’t accept to be interviewed. How could his only source for the last chapters be Jennifer Chiba when she refused to talk to the police (check the police report)? How can he get away with declarations such as ‘Elliott Smith romanticized Cobain’s suicide’… page 3 of the book, when many Elliott’s friends find this affirmation totally ridiculous. .. oh but it comes from J. Chiba so that must be true. So many people close to Elliott are absent from this book, Autumn de Wilde, Jon Brion, Robert Schnapf, Mark Flanagan, Joanna Bolmes, the list could go on. But I know they probably didn’t want to be interviewed because Chiba was the main source at the end, something that M. Schultz will not tell you.


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